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Promised Land Director/Playwright’s notes

Question: Why don’t more movies and plays deal with climate change?
Answer: It’s too late. We’re already dead.

I don’t think that’s right. Or I should say, I hope it’s not. But when we think on climate change we find it hard to articulate what we actually mean. Religion has the language to articulate what scientists have been trying to scream. The rapture has approached, bring out your dead, the flood has arrived.
Humanity can stop this ending. Like the nuclear holocaust that did not happen during the Cold War. Humanity has the power to stop its end. We we aren’t. Instead, we debate basic science. Instead, we delay activities or legislation that could help. Instead of something, we do nothing.

I think this will change. That we’ll finally take the steps needed to move forward and stop hurting ourselves. I am an optimist.

The play thinks I’m wrong.

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First published for Promised Land Program Sep. 3-6 2015 at Stockton University department of Arts and Humanities

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