Sam Shepard’s Seduced was produced during my Masters in Ireland, 2012-2013.  This dark play is not one of Shepard’s better known pieces.  But the cast was able to find all sorts of goodies in the dark recesses of Henry Hackamore’s soul.

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Directed by Lane Jackson
Produced by Russell Stewart Browne


Joe Power: Henry Hackamore

Frank Blake: Raul

Roisin Eyres: Miami

Julie Gillen: Luna

Conor Quinlan, Rebecca Warner and Stella Godmet:  Lust, Pride, Wrath

Design Team

Susan Collins – Lighting Design

Peter Shine– Set Design

Danny McGill- Sound Design

Chloe Stone:  Make Up Design

Amy King & Kamilė Jucytė:  Costume Design

A dark comedy. Henry Hackamore the world’s richest most powerful man is dying. He is alone, paranoid, germaphobic with only his loyal nurse/bodyguard at his side. He keeps himself alive with the blood of other geniuses. He decides to bring two women from his past to his death bed in order to relive his former glory. However the world he has created starts to fall apart as his paranoia and madness grow. His memories become haunting visions and the three people surrounding  him become dangerous forces attempting to steal everything that he has built.

Wednesday 20th February – Saturday 23rd @ 8.30pm BOI Theatre

Photos courtesy of Paul O’Mahony Photography

Additional Material

Thoughts on the process

Miami’s Roisin Eyres