Promised Land was an original work developed while I was still living in Ireland. It took the idea of a Farmer, his Wife, Daughter, and the traveling Salesman to an extreme. Performed at Stockton University in 2015
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Promised Land is the typical “farmer’s daughter” story — except in Lane McLeod Jackson’s telling, nothing is typical.

It’s many years in the future, and the world has been ravaged by the effects of global warming. The farmer, Abraham, is a ruthless dictator intent on maintaining control of the swath of scorched earth he barely manages to farm. His wife, Ester, knits quietly on the porch while keeping vigil over the estate, her secret police, and their daughter, Rebecca. Rebecca plays the part of loving daughter and criminal mastermind. But when a traveling salesman named Elliot comes through, Abraham’s tenuous grip on his land is further loosened, and the thousands living on the compound are placed in jeopardy.

September 3-6
Thursday-Saturday 7:30 pm
Sunday 2:00 pm
Stockton University’s Experimental Theatre

Gunfire will be used in this production.

Presented by Stockton University and the School of Arts and Humanities Theatre Program

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Rodger Jackson-Abraham
Melanie McLeod- Ester
Carla Gamarra-Rebecca
Evan Williamson-Elliot
Sean McCullough, Christian Jimenez- Scarecrows


Set Designer: Justin D. Mac
Lighting Designer: David Stratoti
Sound Designer: Justin D. Mac
Props Designer: Craig Tropp
Costume Designer: Em Albertson
Assistant Costume Designer: Chelsea June
Stage Manager: Scott Armato
Technical DIrector Justin D. Mac
House Manager: Lisa Longo
Assistant Stage Managers: Sean McCullough, Christian Jimenez
Set Construction: Tim Simons